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  Oh what a couple weeks it has been for us. My intentions of this specific blog originally were to help everyone understand in depth some of the treatments that I am pursuing, how they work, and what it's like. Kind of do a "day in the life of Ali" blog. Everyone's support has been so nice, and everyone always asks, "how ya doin?" And I have been doing great. There are things that are challenging, or scheduling is difficult, time off from work is needed for appointments, or running out of hours between shifts or time on your day off to do all the therapies you want in a day. I still intend on doing a blog post of those treatments for those who are interested, and how we got to each treatment we have pursued.  But for now, I feel like a life update is needed. If you didn't know, my uncle Jason (in the photo above) has been a cop for Minneapolis Police for almost as long as I can remember. My Dad was also a cop for Owatonna Police (where I grew up). I lik

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